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International English Language Learning And Testing Centre for Pearson and TOEFL

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About IBT TOEFL Center
Was introduced IBT TOEFL Center at the University of Babylon in 2009 after ripe supplies for that match and the conditions set by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) and the creation of special cadre of trained and director of specialists in order to get approval by the ETS for the approval of the Registration Have been deployed all turn training outside the country then necessitated entering the center's director in exam management by ETS and its success is considered a condition of registration center was pass the exam successfully then entered the center officially counted as in the ETS followed by many steps in order to match the specifications of the computers, software and the Internet in line with the specifications ETS, which was accomplished through several stages and with several teams of teams ETS as the system work includes many of the teams each team responsible for the part of the tasks are complete its own procedures to be completed all the procedures with all the teams were then set up appointments and activated and entry Center the system STN and was the first exam in January 2010 and lasted exams dates multiple for each month during the whole year and the approach of the year 2011 raised ETS a new generation of software system called IAS (iBT Administration system), which differs significantly from the system STN and first conditions entering the center's director exam management experts and that presents a 80 question does not allow an answer wrong and one was with God's help to pass the test successfully and convert the center to the new system and get the center's director of thanks and appreciation from ETS and grant certificate of international experience and that work is underway now in full swing in the conduct of examinations is not at the level of the province or region of the Euphrates East, but also at the level of the country after it became the only center in the region, these specifications and thus meant applicants from most of the provinces of the country and due to the need of the applicants in the region for an exam ITP has embarked Center procuring approvals adoption as centers accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education to perform the exam ITP, which is one of the requirements Skip to graduate in Iraq in addition to the adoption by some universities in countries around the world have been completed supplies full for the establishment of such a test has been with God's help initiate examinations in March 2011 and rolled exams successively and is continuing until now, and because of its Babylon University of sobriety and nobility and site geographically close to all the neighboring provinces has flowed into the numbers of subscribers then are increasing. And because of its location between the center of the other centers in the university for the purpose of increasing the capacity of its activities and introducing more services to the community and the university has been the development and translation unit belonging to the IBT TOEFL Center staff were determined to keep pace with its own work on what is required
Targets IBT TOEFL Center
The center aims to develop the skills of applicants for the TOEFL test and the use of English as a foreign language. The center works on the performance of the two types of TOEFL exam and who promise as a requirement for the provision of Higher Studies in both inside and outside Iraq, the first type: - IBT (Internet Based Test), a test world where recognized in all states and universities around the world have been implemented 18 exam for the year 2010 was attended by 165 Examiner, 12 exam was attended by 96 of the Examiner in 2011. The second type - a kind local ITP (Institutional Test Program) was implemented 6 exams involving 184 Examiner

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