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Way Performance Test
Is the performance of the test on the computer directly (online) and lasts for four hours and is this test according to an annual schedule fixed by (ets), and by the dates listed within this table and the recording stops on any date before (10 days) from the date of the performance test in the case of forced person for the exam and passed for a period of ten days is subject to a fine Tajerih. Examiner can obtain an electronic copy of the score after (10 days) after the end of the exam and so by visiting the official website http://www.ets.org/toefl and then log on by name and password for the account established by registration alone in the center TOEFL at the University of Babylon. The paper shows the result after a month and text to two months of the expiry date of the exam is received from the IBT TOEFL Center at the University of Babylon by sending an email to your email Palmmthan. In case if the examiner in urgent need of certificate paper for presentation purposes can pull an electronic copy of the result with the fetching photograph of the examiner (2) where it is authenticated by the Registration Unit at the center of the TOEFL and this measure sponsor Apply pending receipt of the examiner certificate paper after the period mentioned earlier .

There are a range of grades for each skill during the testing phases:
Skill Range grades Level
Reading 0–30 Low (0-14) Medium (15-21)
High (22-30)
Listening 0–30 Low (0-14) Medium (15-21)
High (22-30)
Speaking 0-4 points for the conversion of 0-30 degrees Weak (0-9) Limited (10-17)
Fair (18-25) Good (26-30)
Writing 0-5 points for the conversion of 0-30 degrees Limited (1-16) Fair (17-23)
Good (24-30)
Total Score 0 – 120
Required Documents
1- Ticket from the presidency of the University of Babylon / accounts presidency
2- Copy of your passport (color version)
*Note / in the day of the test bring passport in addition to the identity of the Civil Status
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