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Way Performance Test
Is the performance of the test and hardcopy and lasts for three hours, starting at nine in the morning, preferably before the audience. The way to hold the test, according to a certain number of examiners and that not less than (20) Examiner, can the examiner to get the score after seven days of the expiry date of the exam as posted on the university, and after (10) days, the result appears leafy Center TOEFL at the University of Babylon.
Required Documents
1- Arrived from the presidency of the University of Babylon / accounts presidency
2- a copy of the identity card (color version)
3- filled application form for registration of IBT TOEFL Center at the University of Babylon.
Schedule your test ITP local
Exam date is determined by the number mentioned above and be notified of the date of the examiner exam by sending a message to the phone number .
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