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About the Exam PTE ( Pearson Test of English Academic )
PTE Academic test is a new test and international Alkmpiotrlachtbar are using English for academic use. The test measures the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking test takers with non-speakers of English speakers who need to show a level of proficiency in English for academic use. The test provides a measure of PTE Academic and realistic 'language ability test takers for admission to universities and higher education institutes and departments and non-governmental organizations that require proficiency in English for academic use. The test PTE Academic is recognized by the Board of Directors to provide graduates.

Way performance Exam
Testing is done using the computer and measure the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing English for academic use.
Part Content Time allowed
Introduction Introduction Unknown time
Part1 Speaking and writing 93-77 Minutes
2 Part Reading 41-32 Minutes
Break optional Scheduled date 10 Minutes
Part 3 Listening 45-50 Minutes
Offers a full Exam in a single session duration of about three hours. There is a temporary on each screen shows you the amount of time remaining for the current section. If you are located in a room with other applicants for the test, it will be different for each of you a copy for security reasons. And do not worry if I saw or heard of other applicants for the test dealing with the test faster or slower than you. You focus on your screen and the amount of time you have left.
Required Documents
1- Ticket from the presidency of the University of Babylon / accounts presidency
2- Copy of your passport (color version)
*Note / in the day of the test bring passport in addition to the identity of the Civil Status
Learning resources and prepare for the Exam
INFO. : pearson_2015_126387.pdf
Title : Some Tools and Rules to Improve Your Spelling
Pages :4
INFO. : pearson_2015_126523.pdf
Title :How to Improve Spelling
Pages :2
INFO. : pearson_2015_12652434.pdf
Title :Five techniques to pronounce English better
Pages :7
INFO. : pearson_2015_12652367.pdf
Title :Improving Pronunciation
Pages :13
INFO. : pearson_2015_11347142.docx
Title :Instructions on practice activities during the performance test
Pages :7
INFO. : pearson_2014_112459599.pdf
Title :Detailed assessments as a result of the global test PTE
Pages :72
INFO. : pearson_2014_112421958.pdf
Title :As a result of the global test PTE model
Pages :2
INFO. : pearson_2014_112459931.pdf
Title :Source to perform talk effectiveness
Pages :56
INFO. : pearson_2014_112426775.pdf
Title :Source to perform effective listening
Pages :32
INFO. : pearson_2014_112450766.pdf
Title :Source to perform effective writing
Pages :12

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