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Tips to improve the skill of reading in English
  • Read as much as possible in English.
    • Reading texts on a variety of topics, as well as reading materials both academic and non-academic, then read about topics that interest you and that does not interest you.
    • Read the major newspapers such as The New York Times or Science Times. And the use of sites National Public Radio (NPR) to obtain copies of programs and study the content and new vocabulary faced by .
  • Expand your vocabulary knowledge constantly
    • It is important to increase your vocabulary on many of the topics that you will have to read the different subjects at university.
    • Review lists of terms used in academic books.
    • Develop a plan to study new words
    • A list of vocabulary study of opposites (words with different meanings) and synonyms (words with similar meanings)
    • Expand your vocabulary by analyzing the parts of a single word. This will help you to understand some of the words that you see is not known.
    • The practice of making the correct use of sentences with new words. This will also help to remember all of the meaning and the correct use of words.
Tips for improving the skill to listen to the English language
  • The practice of Listening to something in English every day and gradually increase the amount of time you listen it.
    • Listen to different kinds of threads.
    • Listening actively. And attempt to answer the questions (what, when, how, why)
    • Keep a record of Listening (a list of everything you listen to him every day / week).
    • The use of dictations and other exercises to help you have the ability to listen.
  • The use of resources in your community to practice listening to English
    • Visit places in your community where you can practice listening to English.
    • Go to the museum and take the audio tour in English.
    • Call and listen to recorded information in English, such as the film schedule, weather report, or information about the aircraft's flight.
    • Watch or listen to the recorded programs in English.
    • .Listen to music in English and then check your accuracy by finding words on the Internet
    • Practice pronunciation in English with others.
Tips to improve your skill to speak English
  • Take a class conversation. This will help you to improve your fluency, and pronunciation in English.
    • Practice speaking for a limited time on different topics without a lot of preparation.
    • Writing several questions about general topics (family, friends, cities, places that are familiar to them Go)
    • Give yourself about 20 seconds to think about what you did yesterday. After 20 seconds, begins the narrative of what I did.
    • Give yourself about 20 seconds to think about what you will do tomorrow maybe. , Try to speak for one minute. After 20 seconds, to start talking about what you plan to do.
  • The use of the books that come with audio programs for the study of pronunciation, stress and intonation in English.
    • Increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar in your speech.
    • The study of the basic grammatical rules so that you can speak grammatically correct.
    • The use of new words and expressions every day in your speech.
Tips to improve your skill of writing in the English language
  • Writing exercise daily.
    • Record news and information programs in English from the TV or radio, or talks or lectures download from the Internet.
    • Analysis of the practice of reading passages in English.
  • Learn important phrases that will help you see what is happening.
    • Identification of the source of the information.
    • Listening to the words that refer to ideas Home Being discussed (points, factor, issue). .
    • The practice of writing correct sentences in English. Start by writing simple sentences.

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